Customer Feedback

 On Fehlbergs Pickled Onions … 
“Wow, wow, wow. It appears I am addicted”
I was just in the Territory (Katherine) visiting my son when we wanted to have pre and during drinks snacks. Well I visited Woolworths and purchased some of your Old English Pickled Onions for snacks with cheese and biscuits etc. Wow wow wow. We continued on with his birthday a few days later and yes the decision from all was great pickled onions. We have some in South Australia who consider their onions are great, and they are but not a patch on yours.
I returned to South Australia and visited our local Woolworths and yes they do stock your pickled onions. Needless to say I purchased  a couple of jars and have consumed most of them. It appears I am addicted.
Continue with the great pickled onions.       Harry, from South Australia 

We found your pickled onions just before Christmas and have since eaten 6 bottles of them. They are fabulous! I can't ever see us not having at least two jars in the fridge! Thank you for making them!  Carolyn
I'm 21 weeks pregnant and your pickled onions have been the one thing I have craved from the beginning, they are amazing! Amber

You make the best Chilli Pickled Onions I have ever tasted!! Robert

Awesome!! Just had a try at the Good Food and Wine Show in Perth!!! Josh

I really enjoy the Old English Pickled Onions, and was having some today for lunch, and they were so good, I felt I had to pass on these positive comments to you. Dad had some of these, and once I tried them, I had to have them. It's great to have something that is still made in Australia, and is of quality standard. Thanks for making them, don't change the recipe! Andrew

Like others I am a newcomer to your Pickled Onions and I consider them the best available in Australia bar none! Robyn

Love your Old English Pickled Onions! They are the best I've ever tasted and are the only brand I now purchase. Always crisp and tasty! I enjoy them with sliced cheese between two Sao biscuits. John

You make the greatest Pickled Onions I have ever tasted. Your chilli pickled onions are my favorite food in the world, I am your biggest fan and buy your jars by the carton from my local supermarket. Keep up the great work!! It's so refreshing to consume a truly quality product!! Love it!! Matthew