REDcycle soft plastics recycling is temporarily paused

The REDcycle soft plastics recycling program in Australia has been temporarily paused. This means that soft plastic packaging that currently features the “Return to Store” REDcycle Australasian Recycling Label (ARL) logo cannot currently be returned to the store.  You can read more about REDcycle, the pause and receive up-to-date information here: Redcycle


What can I do with my soft plastic packaging in the interim?

  1. Check with your local council to see if they are part of a kerbside soft plastics recycling pilot (only available in a small number of Councils).
  2. Check if Curby is available in your local area (only available in a small number of Councils).
  3. If neither option is available, you will need to dispose of your soft plastic packaging in the landfill bin.


What is Riviana Foods doing about soft plastics?

We remain committed to supporting the wider industry to find alternative solutions for soft plastic packaging. That’s why we’ve joined as a partner of the National Packaging Recycling Scheme, which is focused on finding a solution to kerbside soft plastic recycling in Australia. We’re also working with our packaging suppliers to find alternative sustainable solutions.